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Popular massages

Massages allows for a deep regeneration of body and mind. Take full advantage of this so as to truly let go.

You can request a two hand or four hand massage.
Throughout your care, you can expect to receive a personalised welcome, quality treatment and advice on healthy eating.

You can choose:

  • A 30-minute myo-facial massage on a specific area
  • A one hour full-body relaxing massage
  • A one hour toning massage
  • A personalised 1 and a half hour myo-facial massage

At the end of the session, to help rehydrate the body, our team will offer you a cold drink or some tea and dried fruit, to enjoy in one our relaxation rooms or outside on the terrace. This step lets you complete the experience in complete serenity.


Client testimonials

” I particularly enjoyed the massage in the straw huts by the sea. I can still remember the smell of the vanilla-scented essential oil. It was an unforgettable experience. I would recommend it 100%.”


– Fanny, 39 years old.


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