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Good deals, places to see, information about our hotel… We answer all your questions to help you enjoy your trip in complete serenity.
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What’s on our blog?

Continue reading to learn more.

Why have a blog?

We chose to use a blog so we could reach out to you through our own medium and tell you our story and about our passion for hospitality. We also wish to introduce you to the cultural diversity that can be found in Guadeloupe.

In addition, we think it’s the perfect way to give tips and inform you of good deals for every budget.

Unforgettable landscapes

As you read, you will discover the region’s key landmarks.

From the Malendure Beach to the Pigeon Islands, we present you with breath-taking landscapes that will make you want to stay in our island paradise forever. The perfect photo for your Instagram page or your family’s photo album!

Click here to discover 8 magnificent spots in the Bouillante commune.

Thrill-seeking activities

We will also present you with exhilarating activities to give you an incredible thrill and memories to last a lifetime. You will discover hiking trails not far from Hotel Les Galets Rouges.

Whether you enjoy jet skiing, quad biking, scuba diving, or hiking…we listen to your needs and try to answer them in a clear and comprehensive way.

Check with our concierge team to organise a stay that is fully customised to meet your needs.

Need a wellness break in Guadeloupe?

We can also suggest places renowned for their therapeutic properties. Visit our blog to discover sulphurous rivers on the island and the health benefits of sulphurous water.

Bain du Curé, hot springs in Bouillante…

We will let you know where and how to find these unique spots, beloved by all the locals.

As you can see, at Hotel Les Galets Rouges, the satisfaction of our guests is important. That is why we continue to regularly update our news section to keep you in-the-know.

The objective? To give you information regarding our events and plans, and good deals that you can find in Bouillante.


Want to discover Guadeloupe and Hotel Les Galets Rouges? Click here to read our latest article.

See you soon!


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