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Where to find sulphurous water in Guadeloupe

Sulphurous water has therapeutic properties recognised and utilised by the scientific community. In particular it helps unblock the respiratory and urinary tracts. It regulates problems with the digestive system, coronary artery disease, skin infections or even rheumatic diseases.
Guadeloupe is a French Overseas Territory located in the South of the Caribbean Sea. This group of islands is full of sulphurous springs.

These springs have an underground connection to the volcano, La Soufière, which is located in Saint-Claude.
Where in Guadeloupe can you take a bath in sulphurous water? In this article, Hotel Les Galets Rouges will present 3 sites from our island paradise.


  • Bain du Curé
  • The Bath in Bouillante’s city centre
  • Sofaïa Spring

Here are 3 places in Guadeloupe where you can take sulphurous baths:


The Bath in Bouillante’s city centre

The Bouillante commune owes its name to the numerous hot springs that can be found in the territory. As such, the geothermal plant located in the city centre, which produces more than 6% of the electricity used in the archipelago, also uses thermal water which is drawn and then released into the sea.

Tourists and locals alike, take advantage of this all year round.


Bain du Curé

As you can see, Bouillante is the commune with the most hot springs in Guadeloupe. Bain du Curé is an easy-to-access hot water pool, located on rue de l’Abbé, on the Anse à Sable Beach.

Just a stone’s throw away from Hotel Les Galets Rouges, this unique place awaits your arrival so you can pamper yourself by the sea. It is also an access point for the famous Machette Trail.


Sofaïa Spring

These are sulphurous water showers located in the Sainte-Rose commune. They were built to replace an old pool. It has been in existence since 1843. While the smell of the sulphur is strong, it is perfectly safe. The showers overlook the Lamentin plains and the Grand Cul-de-sac marin, a natural marine reserve.

Its waters are particularly appreciated for its soothing properties which helps skin problems such as eczema. The water gushes out at a warm 31 °C.


Have you already tried a sulphurous water bath? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Are you falling under the spell of the butterfly island, Guadeloupe? Come discover our suite with its exceptional panoramic view of Bain du Curé. See you soon on our blog!