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What are the health benefits of taking a vacation?

According to Jacques Forest, a psychologist and professor at Université du Québec in Montreal,

“Every study on recovery shows that having a psychological break from work is important for mental health. Just as life is made up of sleep-wake cycles, it is necessary to alternate between working periods and breaks, so you can focus your thoughts on something else.”

What are the health benefits of taking a vacation?

Health benefits of taking a vacation


Time-off, in particular during the summer holidays, is often synonymous with unplugging, taking a break from our usual routine and all the little worries of everyday life.


Even without any specific task to be accomplished, our brain still consumes 20% of our body’s resources. This accounts for only 5% less than if it had a mental calculation to perform or if it were concentrating on a problem. “, explained Francis Eustache, neuropsychologist and president of the Conseil Scientifique de l’Observatoire B2V des Mémoires (Scientific Council of the B2V Memory Observatory).

According to the specialist,“it is essential when both personal and collective decisions must be made. It is important to take a break from an excessively loud and invasive present, to dream, to imagine, to take a step back, before the chaos of the return from summer holidays.”


How do you give your mind a break?

Researchers in organisational psychology indicate that full recovery requires a psychological break and switching up our thoughts. In summary, you need to do something enjoyable to take your mind off things.

Did you know? A study conducted by INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) indicates that “the daily activities which are most appreciated are those that are done during our free time.”

As such, surveys reveal that outdoor activities like walking or going to the beach are among the most enjoyable for respondents.


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