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8 must-see sites in Bouillante

Breath-taking landscapes, unspoilt nature or sunbathing under the coconut trees…With this article, we wish to help you discover 8 incredible sites.

Content :

  • Anse à Sable Beach
  • The Cousteau Reserve
  • Petite-Anse Beach
  • Parc des Mamelles
  • Hot springs
  • Malendure Beach
  • Bains de Thomas
  • Anse à la barque

Anse à Sable Beach

Located just a stone’s throw from Hotel Les Galets Rouges, this discreet beach is full of surprises. Most particularly, it is home to a famous volcanic hot spring known as Bain du Curé. The sulphurous water from Bain du Curé is world-renown for its therapeutic properties. Want to know more about the benefits of sea water? Click here.


Malendure Beach

Located North of Bouillante, next to a small fishing village, Malendure Beach stands out thanks to its black volcanic sand created from multiple eruptions of La Soufrière. It has a breath-taking view of the Pigeon Islands. Also the result of volcanic activity, these islands are primarily made up from a mineral called andesite. It is mostly known for being home to the famous Cousteau Reserve which is part of Guadeloupe’s National Park.


The Cousteau Reserve

Located a few minutes away from the Malendure Beach in the Bouillante commune, the flora and fauna are among the most beautiful in the world. It was discovered by Captain Cousteau in the 1950s. Its coral reef is teeming with sponges, gorgonians, tropical fish, turtles, and seahorses, making it one of the most beautiful diving spots in the archipelago.



Petite-Anse is a little beach which runs along Highway 2 when coming from Deshaies. It can generally be accessed from the cape of Petite-Anse. Nestled at the bottom of a creek, it’s landscape consists of a beautiful semi-circular cove, with a little lighthouse and palm trees surrounded by a turquoise sea. It is frequented by boaters, fishermen and holidaymakers.


Parc des Mamelles

Located in the heart of the Basse-Terre reef, Parc des Mamelles is spread across 4 hectares of tropical forest dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered animals. Guadeloupe Zoo is among the 15% of zoos to have obtained the EAZA Accreditation in Europe. This uncommon distinction is a true guarantee of the quality and respect of the zoo for animal welfare.

The sulphurous spring in Bouillante’s city centre In the middle of Bouillante’s city centre, the sulphurous spring attracts West Indians and tourists alike. For most, it’s a one-of-a-kind, relaxing experience. The hot water is due to discharges from the geothermal plant located further north of the commune.


Bains de Thomas

Renowned for its relaxing properties, the thermal water of Bains de Thomas is among Guadeloupe’s most famous. Thanks to the mixing of the cold sea water and the land’s boiling water, you can enjoy an invigorating experience at the very heart of nature.


Anse à la barque

Accessible by car, it is a charming and peaceful location where all you’ll want to do is relax and watch the sun set on the sea. It’s that simple. According to the Conservatoire du Littoral, “The catchment’s low level of urbanisation again offers a natural contrast between the steep, dark green of the mountains and the bright blue of the waters of the Caribbean Sea, outlined by a grove of coconut trees.”


Have you already had a chance to visit one of these magical places? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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