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Sea water: 5 unexpected benefits

According to the Lescuyer Laboratory, “Seawater helps significantly in soothing joints and relaxing muscles. In fact, it contains about 27 grams of sodium chloride per litre, which gives it significant portability. Since movement is facilitated, rehabilitation is more efficient in seawater than it is in fresh water.”

Today, the team at Hotel Les Galets Rouges is going to help you discover the benefits of these crystal clear waters.
What are the benefits for the body?


In thalassotherapy, seawater is first taken from the sea and heated to 35-36° to relieve tense muscles. It also helps open up your pores so the active sea ingredients can penetrate the skin.

Here are 5 properties linked to seawater:


1. It gives your body a boost

The composition of seawater is close to that of the liquids in our bodies. It also contains the same minerals (potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc.), which means that it helps with the proper functioning of our metabolism.


2. It improves the quality of our skin and promotes healing

It helps to rebalance all our body’s functions through our metabolism.

This is also how the percutaneous transfer of mineral ions takes place. Rich in magnesium, zinc and salt, it restores the skin’s moisture and radiance.

Seawater is also known for its healing properties. It is therefore a natural way to fight acne.


3. It speeds up the repair of fractures

Seawater is good for our entire body, even our bones! According to experts at the Lescuyer Laboratory,

“After a fracture, the bones mend faster when rehabilitation takes place in a marine environment, in particular thanks to the calcium in seawater”.


4. It helps with nasal decongestion

Seawater baths are often recommended to persons with respiratory issues.

According to scientists, “Here, it’s the marine aerosols (spread of seawater droplets generated by the waves and currents) that have a decongesting effect on the airways. It behaves in the same way that aerosols obtained in pharmacies do, but only more powerful!”


5. It prevents illnesses

Science proves that elements present in seawater rebalances your metabolism therefore giving it healing properties. This helps prevent existing or future pathologies from developing.

Finally, “seawater if full of active plant ingredients thar release anti-viral and anti-bacterial substances”.


Did you know :Guadeloupe’s Bouillante commune is full of hot springs. One of the most famous among them is Bain de Curé, a small cove located on the Anse à sable beach.

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